Welcome to Only in Tasmania
In 2011 I wrote a book on Tasmanian history and called it 'Only in Tasmania'. It was a collection of true stories from Tasmania's somewhat jaded history - that is the murders, cemetery desecrations, executions, natural disasters and a whole host of other tragic and sometimes amsuing events from Tasmania's past. It was so successful that in 2014 I followed it up with a second book, 'Only in Tasmania 2'.

This website was originally established to sell/promote the books. Although both books are now out of print, I still have a passion for Tasmanian history and have retained this page to share some more quirky Tasmanian history, and to share some of my photography which has become an obsession over the last few years.

I am often asked if there will be a 3rd book. The simple answer is 'I don't know yet!'. If you'd like to read about the books, please click here. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy Only in Tasmania - The Blog!